How to Fix a Sedentary Lifestyle?

The advancement of technology has made our lives significantly easier. However, it has also pushed us to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. Moving less and sitting for long hours has been linked to the obesity epidemic and several other types of health issues.

The researches have shown that inactivity and sitting for longer than four hours per day enhances your risk for cardiovascular diseases greatly. A physiotherapy clinic in Toronto points out that it takes significant conscious efforts to fix a sedentary lifestyle in order to stay fit and healthy. However, the value that physical activity ensures brings myriad benefits.

Physiotherapy Clinic in Toronto

It does not matter whether you are stuck at your desk all day, or struggling to get the motivation for exercise, check out the following brilliant ideas that can help you start moving.

Walk More

There are many types of research out there that have shown that mere 30 minutes of walking can bring a multitude of health benefits. The studies have also found that people who brisk walk for 30 minutes or exercise for at least 30 minutes every day have a low risk of sudden cardiac deaths.

If you are stuck at the office most of the time, suggest walking meetings instead of sitting around the conference tables. You can also try to be a bit active before or after completing your work.

Take Stairs

Do you know that stair climbing is considered a vigorous-intensity physical exercise? Climbing the stairs burns more calories per minute than just jogging around. Taking the stairs whenever possible not only helps you to maintain a healthy weight but also makes your joints, bones and muscles stronger.

Walk The Parking Lot

As long as you can keep your distance from other people, parking your car at the far end of the parking lot is the easiest way to add some extra steps in your daily life. If possible, park your car a couple of blocks away from your office building and walk the distance.

Ditch Your Car

The physiotherapy clinic in Toronto has linked our method of traveling directly with obesity and other health conditions. Instead of passive modes of traveling, use active vehicles, like the cycles to go to places. Using public transports have also been associated with a lower body mass index compared to driving your own car to work.

Physiotherapy Clinic in Toronto

At work

If your job is physically demanding in itself, you do not need to add any activity to that. For people, who sit in their desks all day, incorporating more movement would bring important changes in their lifestyles.

Stand Up

If your job requires you to sit longer, make it a point to stand up once in every 20 minutes. You might need to set a reminder on your phone about this activity.

Change Your Workstation

Consider getting a standing desk, fitness ball seat or a treadmill desk. If you get a workstation that can be adjusted to different heights, you can do some of your computer works while standing up.

At Home

Do Chores

Instead of moving from the table to the couch, try to clean the kitchen table once the dinner is complete. It is easy to forget that cooking or cleaning your kitchen table falls under the standing activity. Sweeping the floor, taking out garbage and vacuuming are more taxing jobs.

So, these are some of the factors that the physiotherapists of Physiotherapy Clinic in Toronto think that you should incorporate in your daily life. The more you try to incorporate these habits, the easier it would be for you to shed all those extra weights.

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